Transitional Living Program

Providing services for homeless girls, ages 16-22, to increase their safety and self-sufficiency

Our Transitional Living Program fills a void in services for a very large portion of southeast Georgia: young homeless girls, ages 16 to 22. Our welcoming group home has six beds, and supportive services with the goal of getting these girls off the streets. By helping them build permanent connections with caring adults, our hope is that these girls will become productive members of society. The Transitional Living Program provides the following:

  • Food, clothing, shelter and hygiene; life-skills training
  • Education and assistance in completing GED requirements
  • Crisis intervention, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Encouragement to improve behavioral and physical health
  • Case management services plus counseling
  • Connection to secondary education or vocational training/job skills training
  • Employment, community/volunteer opportunities
  • Recreational activities and connections to community resources